Our Living Wall

Our first project as Groundation Foundation is building a stunning Green Wall in West Oakland – fed by a solar-powered, 2820 gallon rainwater harvesting system, showering the sidewalk with led rainfall and a wonderland of new plant habitat built with recycled materials.


We began constructing elements of the wall in January, 2013.

Our ultimate plan is to green the entire Mandala Parkway facing wall of American Steel Studios with living wall panels. We decided to begin by constructing one prototype panel in January 2013.

We began with the installation of a 2,820 gallon rain barrel, thanks to our partnership with the Oakland Rainbarrel Program.


543958_396574113762239_78967656_nWe installed a rainwater catchment system, to divert runoff rainwater from the roof of American Steel Studios into our barrel.

We have been collecting clippings of succulent plants from our friends and neighbors. Our Nursery Team is actively propagating and caring for our plants in anticipation of installing them in our living wall frame upon completion.


Karen Cusolito and Nick Gardner after a day of Frame Fabrication

The steel frame for our Living Wall is nearing completion!

We are enthusiastically anticipating the installation of our first living wall panel this spring.

This wall will connect to the biological corridor already begun by the City of Oakland along Mandela Parkway.