American Clothing Experiment

American Clothing Experiment is a pay-it-forward nonprofit (501(c)3) dedicated to advancing the human experience in education, art, athletics, and the natural world through volunteerism, stewardship and direct community engagement.

At the Experiment, being sustainable means integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into all aspects of our operations, education, and outreach. Our hands on approach provides creative, direct ways to understand and participate in stewardship and conservation efforts, and build the opportunities in our own communities that will help strengthen them.

American Steel Studios

American Steel Studios provides affordable space in West Oakland in which artists and entrepreneurs can create and inspire. The American Steel Community includes painters, photographers, steel fabricators and sculptors, soap-makers, a compost worm farm, water re-use management, urban greening, vertical aerial and trapeze performers, graphic designers, jewelers, glass artists, furniture designers and more. Groundation Foundation is based at American Steel Studios; the Living Wall is installed on the wall adjacent to Mandala Parkway.

Nick Gardner

Nick Gardner, a natural designer is happiest when lupine, poppies and irises all bloom in the same rocky meadow. This is the inspiration for all of his work from mystic woods to urban food forests. He has a decade of professional experience with habitat restoration, California natives and green roofs. With a quest to continue learning Nick applies sustainable practices and advocates for permaculture as well as organics; Nick is a Foundational member of the Groundation Foundation team.

Wholly H2O

Wholly H2O is a catalyst for sustainable, localized water management within the design/build community in California. Their innovative education and outreach advances locally-appropriate solutions for water conservation, including the pragmatic reuse of rain, storm, gray, and black water.

Oakland Rain Barrel Program

The Oakland Rain Barrel Program (ORBP) uses federal grant dollars to sell discounted rain barrels to Oakland residents in areas that are at risk of erosion. This program also aims to educate Oakland residents on watershed protection and foster the growth of green jobs. The Groundation Foundation Living Wall uses a water efficient irrigation system that utilizes water collected from the roof of American Steel Studios and stored in a 2820 barrel donated by the Oakland Rain Barrel Program.

Indra Designs

Indra Designs, Inc. specializes in storm water management, rainwater collection, greywater systems, native and drought tolerant landscapes. Tony Poeck, Owner/Designer, is an EPA certified landscape water auditor. Tony is an instrumental member of Groundation Foundation, contributing his design expertise in water efficient irrigation systems in the design of the rainwater catchment and irrigation system that waters our Living Wall.